Sunday, August 22, 2010

My E-mail To Dave Kaplan

Dave Kaplan, host of Chicago Tribune Live on Comcast Sportsnet [for those who might not know], has been making me angry lately.

He has been spouting off false facts, been ripping Huet, and has been all bent on getting Cam Ward, and it's making me crazy.

I decided to write an email to CTL, to blow off some steam.

Here it is:

Hi Dave,

I'd just like to make a couple of points regarding the Hawks' goaltending situation and what you think about getting Cam Ward from the Canes.

About Cam Ward:
There is no denying that he is a great goalie.  He's excellent in net, and it is especially obvious when you watch him game in and game out like I do. [The Canes are my 2nd favorite team, next to the Hawks.]

There is no way, though, that the Canes would trade him.  Cam and Eric Staal are pretty much their two franchise players down there, and not to mention a fan favorite.

Also, Cam is currently hurt right now.  He suffered a back injury on the the 3rd of this month when the Canes were in Calgary.  He is going to be out for sometime, again, as he needs to go back to the doctor in 2 weeks to be re-evaluated, per the Canes' website.

Here is a link to the story:

Also, tonight during Chicago Tribune Live, you said that Cam was in Boston when he won the Cup and now he is in Carolina.

Cam won the Cup with the Canes, and was drafted by them in 2002 in the 1st round, 25th overall; he has never been anywhere else in his career.

Now I can see where you might have said why Cam was on Boston.
Aaron Ward, a defenseman on the Canes, was on Boston last year, and played against the Canes in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.
Aaron was also on the Canes when they won the Cup in 2006.  They re-acquired him this summer when they traded Patrick Eaves for him, and then of course, Patrick was put on waivers and then he signed with the Red Wings.

Now about the Hawks' goaltending situation:

Huet is going to be the number 1 goalie for the rest of the year.  Niemi is not ready to be a #1 yet, not to say he might be in a couple of years though.

The game in Vancouver on January 23rd, when he started his 1st set of back-to-back games, is proof of why Niemi is not ready to be a number one yet:  3 goals allowed on 9 shots with bad rebound control.

Also, who's to say that next year, when the scouting report is out on him, he isn't going to do as well as this year. 
Just food for thought.

I think I know the reason why Coach Quenneville elected to start Niemi in net tomorrow against the Stars.  It is probably because Huet has had such bad luck with the Stars this year, that it can't hurt to start Niemi, to try his luck against them.

Also, you said tonight that Cam Barker was drafted with Bob Pulford behind the bench for the Hawks.
I looked it up in the Hawks' media guide, because I thought that that did not sound right.

In fact, it was not.

Brian Sutter was behind the bench when he was drafted.  2004 was his last year coaching and then Trent Yawney was the next coach, starting in 2005.
Also, Pulford would not have even been GM when Barker was drafted because there wasn't a GM in 2004.  Mike Smith was the GM from 2000-03 and then Dale Tallon took over in 2005.
The Hawks would not have been able to get the 2nd pick in the draft in 2004 either, because of the lottery.  It would've all been the luck of the draw.

Thank you for reading this, I really appreciate it.

Go Hawks!

 Kim Wrona


I feel better now.(:

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  1. btw: this was written in the beginning of February. So this isn't obviously up to date by any means...